Deb K and her Fountaine Pajot MY37

Group of people relaxing while sailing on a yacht

For Deb K, there is no better way to relax than getting behind the wheel and going for a sail.

Deb owns a share in SMART Boating favourite ‘Tango’, the Fountaine Pajot MY37.

Find out why owning the power catamaran has put a permanent smile on her face and helped her to lead a stress-free life.

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Once a sailor, always a sailor

Deb’s love for boating was ignited back in childhood. It was a combination of the fresh sea air and the feeling of complete freedom that sold her on boat life. And so it became a lifelong passion.

“I started boating when I was a kid. I did a lot of sailing back then. I find it the most relaxing thing for me. I absolutely love getting out on the water…”

While her passion for boating is strong, time always presents a struggle. The juggle between motherhood and challenging work schedules often makes it hard for Deb to indulge in her passion.

And that’s why SMART Boating was the perfect option.

“With work and being a parent, time is limited. In fact, time is my biggest problem. What I certainly don’t have time for is to clean a boat and take care of all the maintenance issues, refuelling and so on. I want to go out on the water, come back and then walk away. SMART Boating gives me that.”

The perfect fit

Buying a share in the Fountaine Pajot MY37 was an easy choice for Deb to make… though her family had their fair share of the action when it came to selecting the perfect boat.

“My family is all about the powerboat. I’m the only sailor in the family, so I was a bit outnumbered,” Deb laughs.

“I was looking for a big, stable powerboat to use with my family on the weekends and for clients during the week. ‘Tango’ was the perfect fit.”

Deb takes out the Fountaine Pajot MY37 for both work and play. Her daughter recently celebrated a big milestone – her 21st – so it was the perfect time for a boat day.

“We had an amazing day out on ‘Tango’ for my daughter’s 21st. We swam off the boat, had a great spread of food and drinks and had the sound system going. There was plenty of shade to relax in and no one got seasick! The Fountaine Pajot MY37 is a really stable boat, so no one got ill.

We only used about 9L of fuel, which was incredible. For many of our guests, it was their first time out on such a big powerboat, so I was happy to give them that experience.”

When it comes to clients, ‘Tango’ impresses just as much.

“Let’s face it – ‘Tango’ is a beautiful boat. Really presentable. I really enjoy taking clients out on the water – and they do, too. I tend to mix clients when on the boat because it’s a great networking opportunity for everyone. We always have a great day.”

When we asked Deb about her upcoming plans for her Fountaine Pajot MY37, she smiled.

“I’ve got some great plans in the works. Tango’s accommodation is superb, so some weekends away with the family are definitely on the agenda. Plus a few corporate days…lots of exciting events ahead!”

Big yacht sailing at the ocean

The smartest way to go boating

For Deb, buying with SMART Boating was a complete no-brainer:

“SMART Boating is the smartest way to own a boat. There is no question about it. I have the means to buy a boat outright, but why would I? The annual costs with outright ownership are significant. We’re talking about lifejackets and safety gear, things for the kitchen, and linen. And then there is washing the linen! I just have no time for that. And even if I did – why? SMART Boating gives me 34 days out on the water with no stress or hassle. They buy me time…and I love that.”

Discover ‘Tango’ and book a test sail today. Or discover the rest of the SMART Boating fleet.

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