Boat share vs. solo boat ownership – 5 reasons why owning a boat share wins

Do you find yourself constantly thinking about boating and that sweet boat life?

Are you thinking about buying a boat outright? Maybe you’ve already done that and it left you with a bad taste in your mouth and a (much) lighter wallet?

Are you wondering about boat sharing, but not sure how it works or if it’s the right choice for you?

We take a look at owning a boat share vs. solo boat ownership… and why boat sharing wins every single time!

What is boat sharing?

Now, let’s make this clear… boat sharing doesn’t mean you share your boat with strangers or that you have to head out to sea with a bunch of people you don’t know… Rest assured that boat sharing means the only thing shared is the cost… not your beautiful boat!

Many clients come to us with the same story. They’d love their own boat – but can’t justify the time and money. Boat sharing is quite simply, the very best of both worlds. You own a share in the boat, but shoulder none of the responsibility. Purchase a share in your dream boat, organise that trip you’ve always wanted to take, and set sail! It’s that simple.

How? Your 10% ownership gives you a minimum of 34 fabulous days on the water and plenty of time to soak up the sun, go on some adventures and host a party or two. Still curious? Find out exactly how boat sharing works.

Let’s go through the top five reasons to own a boat share…

1. A boat share costs waaay less

If you’re going it alone, the cost of owning a boat is immense.

Buying a boat is downright expensive.

And then there’s the price of boat maintenance, mooring, updates and lots (and we mean lots!) more…

Owning a boat share costs a fraction of the price you’d pay for buying a boat outright. Paying less means your options when choosing the right boat for you are almost endless.

You don’t need to restrict yourself – you can go BIG without the BIG price tag!

Plus, you’ll have more money left over for that special bottle of wine…

2. Maintaining a boat share is simple

When you outright own, boat maintenance and general upkeep are all up to you… It’s constant and it’s costly. Believe us!

With a boat share, maintenance is taken care of by the good folks at the marina. No need to fuss about making sure your boat is running smoothly and no need to bother with an expensive contractor…

The best part? Your boat will always be clean and ready for your next trip – tanks full, fridge cold, hatches opened and batteries charged! Just pack your cheese and wine and head out on your new adventure. Port Stephens, anyone?

4. A boat share is far less commitment

Solo boat ownership is a full-on time commitment. And a financial commitment. Basically, your boat can take over your life!

When you own a boat share, the time you spend enjoying the water is the only time you have to put into it.

Plus, when it’s time to sell and move on, it’s all taken care of. No stress, no fuss… Sounds good, doesn’t it?

5. Help is there when you boat share

If you buy a boat on your own, you’re on your own. When you own a boat share, you’ve got help at your fingertips. Whether you need course training from qualified instructors, one-on-one tutorials, or any other assistance with admin or operation, your boat sharer is there. Total ease and peace of mind…

Integrity 380 syndicate owners, Alice and Barry, explain why they love their boat share,

“It’s a great investment in lifestyle and peace of mind. You have the freedom to sell your share at any time and you have the freedom of not being tied to your boat every weekend. With a boat share we just use it… and we love it.”

We think it’s safe to declare a clear winner here… Owning a boat share lets you live the big dream without the big hassle of solo boat ownership. Discover some of our syndicate owner stories here and find out exactly why SMART Boating is the smart way to go boating.


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