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Whales, dolphins and sunsets … cruising down the EAC in the Integrity 380



Have you ever ridden the Eastern Australian Current (EAC) down the coast? As Crush the turtle says in the classic animated movie, ‘Finding Nemo’, “You’re ridin’ it dude … Check it out! … Turn your fishy tails around and swim straight on through to Sydney.”

Not only is the EAC a current that helps fish and turtles swim faster…it also helps boats. Just recently SMART Boating owners Martin and David had the opportunity to cruise down the EAC themselves in SMART Boating’s new Integrity 380 motor yacht. And they had such a great time on their Integrity 380 delivery voyage, David Grice decided to share some highlights of their journey with us.

Integrity 380 Exterior

We like to personally test run our boats for our syndicate owners

“Martin and I flew up to Queensland in late October to take delivery of our new Integrity 380, which had just been commissioned at Sanctuary Cove.

We really like to bring our new boats down the coast ourselves as part of our handing over process.

Spending 48 hours straight at sea gives us the opportunity to sea-trial all of the onboard systems firsthand, test the facilities, iron out any little bugs, and really familiarise ourselves with the new boat before we hand it over to our Smart Boating syndicate owners.

It also enables us to install all of the extra safety equipment, such as life jackets and flares, as well as any other inventory.”

Integrity 380 Boatshare

Planning is important ... but timing is absolutely crucial

“With any sea voyage, planning is important, but timing is absolutely crucial. We needed to find a weather window, and for this voyage we were studying the weather from a week out. For the length of this trip we needed to find a 48-hour window where there were no strong winds forecast.

Once we found a suitable weather window we booked our flights and headed up to Sanctuary Cove to kit the Integrity out with all the safety equipment and provisions we needed for the trip.

We bought and installed all the safety equipment in Queensland and we also hired a life raft for our voyage home. Finally, we were good to go.”

Smartboating - Cruising down EAC in the Integrity-380

Riding the EAC in the Integrity 380

“Most people don’t realise just what great sea boats the Integrity Sedans actually are. These sturdy seagoing displacement cruisers are also known as trawler style boats. They are actually excellent, fuel efficient sea boats, ideal for offshore journeys, however we never ventured further than 20 nautical miles offshore.

The passage from Sanctuary Cove to Pittwater is approximately 400 nautical miles long but the Integrity 380 is so fuel efficient that when we arrived in Sydney we still had ¼ of a tank of fuel left!

The beauty of riding the EAC is that you can be doing 8 ½ knots in your boat but the speed of the current allows you to travel at 11½-12 knots, so with the help of the EAC we managed to bring the Integrity into Pittwater well before the southerly hit.”

Integrity 380

Highlights of the trip

“Sunsets and sunrises, rounding Cape Byron, whales and dolphins…there were just so many highlights!

I’ve never seen so many whales on a trip before and as you can see in this video footage we also had dolphins riding along in our wake.

At times we sailed closer into the coastline and could see land but most of the time we felt like we could’ve been anywhere in the ocean … it was so incredibly serene and peaceful.

The onboard chart plotter made navigation easy and the autopilot meant we didn’t have to hold onto the steering wheel all the time, so we could just sit back and relax and take in the scenery and the serenity.

Trips like this are also a great opportunity for doing some important business planning … like what boat we’re going to buy next.

And after spending 48 hours offshore on this Integrity 380, we can see why she’s such a popular choice with our SMART Boating owners.”

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Smartboating - Integrity 380

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