David Grice

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“If you love your job, you never have to work another day in your life. I am very passionate about the business we are in and enjoy creating the opportunity for our clients to enrich their lifestyle with excellent boating experiences on our great waterways.”

David Grice was lucky enough to have been raised close to the shores of Middle Harbour and nearby ocean beaches.

Water sports dominated his life, and he considered Middle Harbour his backyard.

Afternoons and weekends were full of boating and sailing, from fishing, sailing dinghies and the early days of windsurfers. But it was the sight of majestic ocean-going yachts that captured his dreams, particularly on Boxing Day, and led him into Ocean Racing.

“The Sydney to Hobart Race was always my favourite race of the year. I competed in nine Hobart Races along with numerous Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast and Mooloolaba Races over the years with some very competent crews.”

A carpenter by trade, David had a successful career in the construction industry… while raising a family of four children. He had to put serious boating on hold for quite a few years.

But when the opportunity came to buy Smart Boating with long-term friend Martin Lyall, it seemed their combined skills would be a perfect fit for the business.

“Since buying the business in 2015, we have enjoyed building on the business’s sound fundamentals and bringing some new ideas and horsepower to the table. It continues to be a wonderful opportunity to combine a passion of boating with business, with exciting opportunities ahead.”

David oversees the business and operations management. He’s a technically minded, experienced sailor…

…who loves what he does each and every day.

“Managing such a beautiful fleet of vessels in great locations is wonderful, and I love hearing about our customers having so many wonderful experiences on the water. We hear so many stories of exhilarating sailing, whales, dolphins, seals, peaceful bays and beautiful sunsets.”

One of the aspects of the business David really values is the feedback he and Martin receive from clients.

“We get an enormous amount of positive feedback from clients saying that their Smart Boating Share was one of their best ever decisions. We receive many compliments on the maintenance of their boats, but the thing that energises me most are the many compliments we receive about our staff’s service.”

As a long time ‘yachtie’, David is enjoying the opportunity to cruise in many different types of boats.

“I come from a blue water monohull racing background, but nowadays I am a fan of them all. I do enjoy a serious sail on a monohull but there are plenty of days I like jumping on a power boat, cruising to a nice location and turning off the engine.

And it’s easy to see the popularity of catamarans as they combine sailing with a very stable platform, and they offer so much for family and guests.

I’m lucky to be involved in so many different boats through yacht racing, work life and cruising. I must say that I do enjoy cruising more than the demands of racing at this stage in life.”

David finds it hard to pick a favourite from the current Smart Boating fleet… but says the catamarans are definitely ticking more than a few boxes for him.

“It’s the ability to share great sailing/boating experiences in idyllic locations on a boat that can so comfortably accommodate family and friends.

And being able to share great recreational and lifestyle opportunities with my family and friends is really exciting.”

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