Ryan Blackshaw

Ryan Blackshaw started out as a Smart Boating customer, to become a Smart Boating employee.

“My family have always lived around and been on the water. As young kids, we would go out for day trips on Pittwater on our Quintrex Runabout.

My family had a share in a Lagoon 39 INFINITY with Smart Boating seven years ago.

I was looking for work around my business degree and offered my time over the summer – I loved it so much I’ve never left.”

For Ryan Blackshaw, life on the water is second nature, which makes his nous in matching share owners with the right vessel unmatched.

To Ryan, Smart Boating’s presence across four sought-after locations means there truly is something for everyone looking to achieve a lifestyle on the water as a boat share owner.

“We offer four beautiful locations – Pittwater, Bobbin Head, Clontarf and the Whitsundays – each with their own character and appeal.

Our 35+ syndicate boats are all varied in type, size and location and cater to everyone, from a 25 foot Bow Rider to 60 foot Riviera.

Our staff are all boaties; own boats, cruise on boats etc. It’s a passion and you really see that in the team.”

From one boatie to another – life is just better on the water, according to Ryan.

Life on the land just does not compare to life on the water.

“The visibility of time and weather is so much more evident on the water. The changing colours and clouds, especially at dusk and dawn, can be appreciated. There’s a great sense of grounding and gratitude – more so than what you would experience in a cityscape.”

According to Ryan, Smart Boating is a head above the rest when it comes to making boat ownership more achievable for more Australians.

Boat share syndicates bring boating life within the grasp of a greater cross-section of people and are also in line with the changing economic landscape.

“As the cost of living and time for using, working and therefore enjoying a single owner boat will become tougher, I see more of an even greater influx into share boating where companies like Smart Boating are able to assist and educate through all steps of a syndicate owner’s boating journey.”

And what are this seasoned boatie’s expectations for the future – both on the water and off?

“One of the big systemic issues that should and will affect the industry is renewable resources and the cost-prohibitive nature of recycling end-of-life fibreglass boats. Increasingly you see derelict and unloved vessels either on police moorings or unseen on the ocean floor. Councils and Maritime have a role to play in facilitating the removal of barriers to keeping our waterways clean and safe for all to use.”

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