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“I really believe in the SMART Boating product. Their share ownership model continually proves itself as a great way to own a boat!”

Sarah Stevenson joined the SMART Boating team at Bayview in 2007. With an impressive background in the hospitality and tour guide industries, she was the perfect fit for the team as the customer services manager.

In her role, Sarah oversees the operation of the entire business. She is the frontline contact with all syndicate owners. She handles enquiries, liaises with clients and marina staff, troubleshoots issues, manages the booking system operations, schedules maintenance … you name it Sarah does it! There’s no doubt that it’s a diverse and multifaceted role!

“As you can imagine, with a large fleet, a business that never closes and currently over 160 owners … the days are busy!

I really enjoy the variety in my role. I’m motivated by the challenge of multi-tasking the different aspects of the business, including managing the Bayview anchorage, whilst also maintaining processes and systems.”

The world of boats is often unpredictable, so it can be a juggle, but Sarah is results driven and enjoys watching the pieces of the puzzle come together. She finds satisfaction in the systematic nature of the process.

“We have a great team at SMART Boating and a strong sense of community at the marina. I enjoy the relationships I have built with the trades and other marina businesses. We really have great friendships and great camaraderie within the yachting community.”

Being a Pittwater local, Sarah enjoys the beautiful foreshore every day on her drive to work.
“I love Pittwater – the little bays and beaches. I love that it is an unspoiled hidden gem in close proximity to Sydney. And to have the Smart Boating location on such a beautiful waterway is a real bonus.”

Sarah’s love for water sees her move with the seasons. When the winter months arrive and the water freezes, Sarah loves to head south and immerse herself in the snow. She escapes as often as she can to enjoy the beauty of the mountains.

“There is something just so pure and beautiful about snow. It’s so peaceful. To stand alone out the back … the silence and enormity of back country … or heading through the trees when no one is around … it’s awesome!”

However, if she could jump on board a yacht today, she would head straight for the Greek Islands! A return visit is calling her …
Pop by and say hi to Sarah if you are ever at the SMART Boating office. She’ll always greet you with a smile.

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