Use it or lose it … the SMART way to spend your end-of-year budget

Aquila Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Looking for an impressive and hassle-free way to entertain your staff, clients and prospects … as well as a SMART way to use up any unspent budget dollars?

With a SMART Boating luxury boat share you can also use your boat share to build team camaraderie, reward staff performance and loyalty, host company training days and even get away from the office to spend some quality time with your family.

Clontarf Marina

As Australia’s leading boat share company, you really are spoilt for choice with SMART Boating’s fleet of stunning yachts, catamarans and motor cruisers over four incredible locations:

  • Sydney’s Middle Harbour,
  • Pittwater,
  • Hamilton Island,
  • Bobbin Head.
Lagoon 42 Beam Reach


Why waste your end-of-year unspent budget dollars, when you could be investing them in a SMART, flexible, boat share solution that delivers:

  • multiple ways to grow your business
  • a unique reward for your staff and clients
  • an inspiring location for team training and bonding
  • affordable, hassle-free yacht ownership
  • a total walk on, walk off service
Aquila 36


Whether you’re working hard or playing hard, a SMART Boating luxury boat share provides 100% enjoyment with 0% hassle.

Here’s what’s available now and launching soon!

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