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Training and Familiarisation


Training and Familiarisation

Congratulations – you’re now the proud owner of an incredible new boat.

You must be getting excited!

As part of your boat share agreement, we offer an intensive, complete training and familiarisation session on your boat.

We do this so you can feel confident on the water, and make the most of your time.

Training and Familiarisation

Every little detail

We start by going over every detail of your new yacht with you in the marina.

Down below we explain how to work the control panel and what all the switches do.

We explain how the bilge pumps and seacocks work. We talk about conserving batteries and fresh water tanks.

We cover the safe use of LPG and the galley stove and barbeque.

And we talk through all the safety features of the yacht like the fire extinguishers lifejackets, flares and EPIRB.

You’ll find our boats are extensively equipped with everything you need on board. Just bring your clothes, food and wine… and you’re all set to sail.

Training and Familiarisation

Training on deck

Our in depth training covers;

  • Ways to safely move around on deck
  • How to start and stop the engine and select gears
  • How to use the GPS, wind and depth instruments
  • Navigation lights under power and sail and the anchor light
  • How to re-fill the water tanks if you are out for a few days

Then we talk through leaving the marina, berthing and tying up your yacht

Are you almost ready to go for a sail? Or a cruise? We are! We show you the best route through the moored boats at your marina…

And then it’s your turn to take the helm and grind a winch or two as we cover bringing up and down the sails (on sail boats), and reefing.

You’ll learn the best way to anchor and pick up a mooring buoy. And you’ll get tips on how to manoeuvre under power.

And when you come in from a day out on the water, we’ll be at the dock to help you come in and out of the Marina, and we offer boat owners workshops to help you fill any gaps in your knowledge.

The sea awaits you! Enjoy the experience, the exhileration and the freedom it brings.

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