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“I loved being a SMART Boating syndicate owner so much … I bought the company.” ~ Martin Lyall

Martin Lyall loved being a SMART Boating syndicate owner so much … he and business partner David Grice bought SMART Boating.  Together they bring a rich boating knowledge and incredible passion for a system that brings an enviable boating lifestyle to hundreds of Aussie families.


About Boatshare

Leaders in boat share ... and loving it

SMART Boating are the leaders in boat share and have reinvented the ‘walk on walk off’ concept busy Australians are embracing…

…and since 2005, they’ve provided Australians with more ways to get out on the water, more often.

Owning a luxury yacht, power cruiser or catamaran is no longer just the playground of the very wealthy. Parents, young executives, business people, empty nesters and retirees can access the kind of lifestyle usually enjoyed by other people … including the rich and famous!

And with four incredible SMART Boating locations, you’ll comfortably sail (or cruise) Sydney Harbour, Pittwater, Hamilton Island and beyond.

Integrity 380 Yamba Boatshare

Why choose a SMART Boating boat share?

You may have previously owned a boat, but the work involved in maintaining it took up too much of your valuable leisure time.

You’d prefer to spend the free time you have on the water with your friends, family and workmates.

As an equity share owner in a truly sensational boat, you’ll experience the total leisure and freedom owning a boat brings, but none of the maintenance and hard work that goes with it.

Hanse 418 Boathsre

An enviable lifestyle

Sharing a boat is the ultimate way to own a boat and the most affordable way to make your boating dreams possible.

Boat Share really is having it all – the experience and excitement of owning a boat with absolutely none of the stress that goes with maintaining it…

…because you’re not sharing your boat with people, you’re only sharing the cost.

Sharing the cost of a magnificent boat gives you an enviable, rich and famous lifestyle with huge value … for a fraction of the cost.

Hanse 345

More time on the water than the average boat owner

Did you know the average Australian boat owner spends only 20 days per year out on their boat? And then – add in the hours and hours it takes to maintain the boat, and suddenly boat share is looking like an enviable option. For an equity share and a monthly fee, you’ll enjoy 34 days out on the water and unlimited standby days doing what you love, stress free.

Imagine sitting under the stars, glass of champagne in hand, watching the fireworks on New Year’s Eve … from the comfort of your Lagoon 42.

Our low monthly maintenance fees cover:

  • Turnaround service after each use
  • Administration and management
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Marina and mooring fees
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Annual slip, anti-foul and hull polishing
  • Linen and laundry, cleaning
  • Contingency fund for repairs and equipment replacement
  • Fuel and LPG gas (fuel is excluded on power boat and catamaran syndicates)

SMART Boating owners say they appreciate the support they receive from staff at the marina, particularly when they’re helped with lines as they go out and valet parking on the way back in. It’s all part of the impressive service you’ll receive from SMART Boating as a boat share owner.

Aquila 36

More than just a brand new, luxury boat

Yes, you’ll get a shiny brand new sailboat, superfast motor cruiser or luxury catamaran. But you’ll also get so much more.

Our boats come with tenders, outboards, coffee machines, paddle boards, tv’s, air conditioning, appliances, sound systems and more.

Because it’s the little extras that make all the difference to your on-board experience.

Hanse 418

But which boat is right for me?

Power or sail, mono or multihull? Can’t choose?

We have a proven process to help you choose the right boat for you, but here are a few questions to ask yourself first …

Do you enjoy the excitement of a yacht that heels when the wind gets up, or do you prefer the level sailing and additional space that a multihull provides?

What type of boating lifestyle do you want to experience?

Are you planning ocean sailing or long-distance travel on your yacht? Do you like the simplicity of turning on an engine to start your journey?

Is playing with sails and navigating to angles part of the adventure for you, or are you a sailor looking for a multihull option that gives you and your guests more entertaining space, lots of accommodation and flat, level sailing?

Integrity 380 - New

We’re passionate boaties

Okay we admit it, we’re passionate boaties, and we want to share our passion with you.

One of the best things about our job is the way we see our SMART Boating owners making the most of their boats and enjoying their time with family and friends.

It’s incredibly rewarding. If we can pass on a little of our passion, or share in your passion, we’ve done our job.

Experience SMART Boating with boat share opportunities and live the dream. Whether it’s a sailing yacht, motor cruiser or spacious catamaran … your ideal boat is waiting here for you.

Find current SMART Boating shares here.


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Whether it’s a sailing yacht, fast motor cruiser or spacious catamaran …
your ideal boat is waiting here for you.


Hanse 445$42,500

Pittwater + Whitsundays

3 2 Details

Integrity 440 Sedan$92,500

Bobbin Head

2 1 Details
Side view of a boat at the sea

Riviera 3600SY$47,500

Pittwater based

2 1 Details
Hanse 455 Cooinda

Hanse 455$59,500

Bayview Anchorage

3 2 Details
Integrity 380 sticker

Integrity 380$74,500

Bobbin Head

2 1 Details

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