What is Boat Share?

Smart Boating Shared Ownership is a yacht syndicate arrangement. Our high-end, brand new yachts, powerboats and catamarans each have ten equal shares in a syndicate, available for purchase.

Shared boat ownership really is the ultimate way to own a boat and the best way to make your boating dreams possible. Boat Share really is having it all… the experience and thrill of owning a boat… with absolutely none of the stress that goes with maintaining it.

And the important thing to remember is, you’re not sharing your time on the water with other owners, you’re only sharing the cost. Your boat is 100% yours, 10% of the time! Sharing the cost of a magnificent vessel gives you an enviable lifestyle with huge value… for a fraction of the usual cost.

How does boat share work?

You purchase equity in a boat and pay a monthly fee for maintenance expenses and running costs (excluding fuel on certain boats). Your 10% ownership in the boat entitles you to a minimum of 34 days per year and unlimited stand-by access. You can enjoy stand-by access to your boat when it is not booked out by other owners.

Smart Boating owners frequently tell us they use their boat more than they would if they had sole ownership. Our online booking system means they plan their time on the boat in advance and they organise other activities around it. The beauty of this arrangement is that the boat is always ready to go!

Family enjoying and sunbathing on the yacht

Walk-on walk-off boat experience

You’ll arrive with friends, family or work colleagues and board your immaculate, well-maintained boat. You’re already relaxed, before you sail or cruise away.

Your new boat is invariably fitted out with plenty of extras, for example: tender, outboard, coffee machine, paddle board, inflatable toys, TV, air conditioning, appliances and sound system.

And when you return to the marina, you simply hand your boat back and head home. We take care of all the cleaning, slipping, fuelling and maintenance.

Aerial view of a Yacht base

Where are our Sydney yacht shares based?

We utilise moorings in Pittwater, Sydney’s Middle Harbour and Bobbin Head:

  • Bayview Anchorage Marina
  • Clontarf Marina
  • Empire Marina, Bobbin Head

As well as our Hamilton Island winter moorings for selected boats.

Here, you can truly enjoy the walk-on walk-off experience. These full-service marinas also offer you skippers and mooring assistance options.

All you need to do is relax and revel in your time on the water.

Learn more about our amazing locations.

Group of adults jumping from the yacht to the sea

How much boat time am I entitled to?

We find owners are more than happy with their 34 days’ allowance each calendar year.

And should you want to take your boat out on a spur of the moment trip, if there’s nothing in the calendar, she’s all yours … without the day coming out of your allocation.

Your entitlements are split over the summer and winter seasons to ensure year-round use of your boat.

Woman relaxing in front of a boat

Can I use my boat for more than 34 days per year?


We offer a fantastic stand-by feature to all our owners. You just book the boat on stand-by by calling our office after midday the day before you want to go sailing.

We have designed a simple to use online booking service where you can check availability of your yacht and make bookings at any time.

And owners can cancel booked days with 72 hours’ notice, so we can make the day available to other owners and re-credit the days to your entitlement.

Smiling woman sailing a boat

Are there any time or location restrictions?

Unlike some other boat share companies, we don’t expect you to end your perfect day at 6pm. It’s your boat, and on your allocated day you are free to pick up your boat early and use it until midnight of that day.

If it’s after hours and there are no Smart Boating staff available, you’ll need to make sure your boat is tied up securely, all the hatches are closed, the sails are stowed, batteries switched off and you’ve removed any property you have on board.

And unlike charter boats, there are no restrictions on location. It’s your boat … you are free to explore any of the glorious waterways in the time you have booked. Read more about our favourite boating locations. 

Boat sailing on a clear blue water

Can I use the boat overnight?

Of course!

Booking consecutive days for overnight stays on your boat truly is magical and one of the best ways to appreciate the lifestyle benefits boat ownership provides.

We encourage you to get out and explore all that the incredible waterways of Sydney offer.

What happens at the end of my booking?

We provide a complete turnaround service, which includes commercial hygiene cleaning (head and galley), filling the water tanks, topping up the fuel and gas, laundering the linen, and other valuable routine checks on the engine, sails and rigging.

Father assisting his son in sailing a boat

I am new to boating – will you teach me?

We’re passionate boaties, and we want you to be confident and skilled on the water.

Included in the cost of your boat share is a full familiarisation and training session with one of our highly qualified Smart Boating team members. And our crew is always available to answer any questions you have.

Read more about our familiarisation and training sessions or read more FAQs.

If you want to start living your dream life on the water, check out our boat shares and contact us today.

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