Mark and Julie Tyler’s Integrity 380 Boat share

We caught up with Integrity 380 owner, Mark Tyler, to find out why the SMART Boating model of boat ownership works so well for him and his family.

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SMART Boating makes it so incredibly easy for us to get away from it all

When Mark Tyler takes Yamba, his 38 foot Integrity, out on Bayview, losing mobile coverage is one of the highlights of his trip!

“When we take our Integrity 380 out it’s all about being able to relax and getting away from it all…

…especially from my work.

I travel overseas a lot for work and my wife Julie works as well, so when we go out on our boat we really do want to switch off from work.

And that’s the beauty of having a boat at Pittwater…

…it’s so incredibly close to where we live in Australia’s largest city, yet we can easily find a quiet little spot to anchor away from the crowds. When we also manage to lose mobile phone coverage it’s an even bigger bonus because it means I can truly switch off from my work and relax.”

SMART Mark and Julie Boat Share

We loved the idea of owning a boat ... but we knew we didn't have the time to maintain a boat

Mark’s wife Julie grew up in a sailing family around boats and it was Julie’s brother who originally introduced them to the SMART Boating concept of shared ownership.

“We loved the idea of owning a boat as a way of spending time with our four children and extended family and friends.

We knew we wanted a new boat, one that was the right size and located at Pittwater. 

But we also knew we didn’t want a yacht and we just didn’t have the time to spend maintaining a boat. We originally looked at other alternatives but when we discovered the SMART Boating model, we realised it was something that would really work for us.”

Because it's so quick and easy to get out on the water we can really maximise our down time

“Owning a fully managed boat syndicate share means all the hassle of looking after a boat is taken care of by the SMART Boating team. We simply walk on and walk off at the end of the day, and there’s no time wasted maintaining or worrying about the boat … we leave all that to SMART Boating.

We have a boat box that we bring with us, along with our food and drinks for the day. This means it’s quick and easy to get out on the water, so we can maximise our down time and it’s never stressful. We’d really recommend this model of boat ownership to others.

In fact, Mark and Julie like the SMART Boating ownership model so much the Yamba is actually their second boat with SMART Boating.

Mark and Julie Boat Share

SMART Boating made it very easy for us to upgrade to a bigger boat

“Our first boat was a 32-foot Integrity called Ballina, and we enjoyed it so much that after a year we decided to then upgrade to the larger 38-foot Integrity.

Once again, SMART Boating made it so easy because even though we were in a five-year syndicate with the Ballina, they bought back our share from us after one year, no questions asked, and then we were able to upgrade to the Yamba. The Yamba is a very comfortable family boat with plenty of room – and easy to sail.

It has a beautiful outdoor dining area and the day bed is so relaxing. Sometimes we entertain our friends, other times it’s just our family and maybe our kids bring their friends, and now that our kids are mostly grown up it’s often just Julie and myself.

Mark and Julie Boat Share

We were looking for ease of use ... and that's what SMART Boating deliver

“At the end of the day we can be off the boat in less than 20 minutes.

We don’t have to wash sheets or clean the boat – SMART Boating does it all for us.

We were looking for ease of use and that’s what SMART Boating deliver. We get to enjoy all the good bits about owning a boat and we leave all the hard bits to SMART Boating … which is why their model works so well for us and why we’d thoroughly recommend it to others.”

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