Prue Murphy Vacca

With a varied background in the marine industry, Prue Murphy Vacca is most at home on the water.

“Having spent 15 years working overseas in the marine industry, when it was time to head home to Australia, we settled in Newport on the Northern Beaches – just across the water from Smart Boating.

With my varied background in the marine industry, Smart Boating has been a great fit.”

Smart Boating has a real point of difference as a boat share syndicate business, and this is what drew Prue into becoming part of its operations.

“Aside from the excellent service, Smartboating offers a large and varied fleet – which enables us to cater to all preferences whether it be sail or motor.”

“Smartboating can also be found at three separate locations – Bayview, Bobbin Head and Clontarf which is extremely appealing to our ‘Owners’ based on their own location.”

Prue knows what draws her into the boating life – chances are you can relate…

“I’m lucky to have worked in various aspects of the marine industry, this has included liveaboard scuba diving boats in the Australasia region and crewing on Superyachts all around the world.”

“When I finally went back to being shore-based, I spent years in South-East Asia working for Superyacht companies and running a luxury yacht charter company in Phuket, Thailand.”

“I’ve always had a love for the ocean and won’t say no when the opportunity presents itself to get out on the water.”

When it comes to leisure boating trends for the future, Prue is ahead of the curve.

“The leisure boating industry will always be huge in Australia thanks mainly to most people’s proximity to the water. With that being said, life, in general, is a lot more fast-paced than it used to be, people are time-poor and want to make the most of their precious spare time. I would think in general people are looking for companies and products which can enhance their lifestyle and maximise their enjoyment during their time off.”

“I believe boat time-share will become an even more popular choice in the future due to the added benefits of not having to do the hard slog of cleaning and maintenance yourself, which in turn frees up your time spent out on the water which is where you really want to be.”

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