Booking System User Guide

Making a Booking

To arrange a booking, choose your boat from the drop down menu on the right, then click “make a booking” to access the dashboard. Next, select your preferred dates and times, provide any special requests in the notes, then click “save.” If your booking is successful, the system will redirect you to the “booking successful” page.

An up-to-date booking start and finish time helps us have your boat ready for you when you are.

At the end of your day using the information entered, our staff can be on hand to park the vessel, tie her up and prepare the boat for the next booking.

If you have made a booking and it meets the criteria of the rule book (your booking is of a legal length and you have surplus allocation), the booking will be automatically approved and your booking will be instantly confirmed.

What do the booking colours mean?

  • Red: Booking unavailable
  • Blue: Scheduled Boat Maintenance Day
  • Dark Green: Your scheduled booking
  • Orange: Booking in the system but awaiting approval

71st Day Booking Bid

The Trustee has amended the release of new booking dates to provide that booking made from the 71st day in advance, may be applied for from 6pm on the 72nd day in advance. Should more than one owner apply for a booking commencing 71days in advance the system will allocate the booking to the owner that has the most unbooked seasonal allocation.

Shortly after midnight 71days out, the system will notify both successful and unsuccessful applicants. In the unlikely event there are 2 or more unit holders with the same allocation, the system will randomly select the booking to be allocated.

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Creating a Standby Booking

Standby bookings can now be made online. Given the immediate nature of the bookings they will still need to be approved as per the rule book. You will see a follow up email updating you on the status of your standby booking as it is confirmed or declined. Please note, due to the last-minute nature of Standby Use, there is no guarantee that the boat will have received a full turnaround.

Standby Bookings can be made for up to two (2) days:

  1. After midday on the day prior to the intended usage
  2. On the actual day of intended use between 8:30am and 12 noon at the discretion of the Smart Boating team.


Keyboard with Red Cancel Button

Cancelling a Booking

You can cancel a booking at any time. Do this by clicking on the booking, and then clicking on the delete button and confirming this decision.You will be prompted to confirm you are okay to proceed. As per the rule book, when a booking is cancelled, any date within the original booking can’t be rebooked for 24 hours.

Owners can remove a day or multiple days from their bookings up to 5 days a year. This is known as a partial cancellation, and outside the 72 hours are returned up to 5 days a year. For example, if a booking is made between Monday and Sunday and the weekdays are released, keeping Saturday and Sunday – this will fill the entitlement for the year. If a cancellation is made within 72 hours of your departure, your allocation won’t be returned. If you get stuck, please call us on 02 9997 5344 – we’re happy to help.

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